Angus McLean

Senior Speech Pathologist
B.Sp.Path, Dip. Ed, B.A.(Journalism), CPSP

Angus started working at Spectrum Speech Pathology in 2011. He is a dedicated, hard working, and creative speech pathologist. Angus has been working with young autistic children and adolescents since 1997, and brings that experience with him to the Team at Spectrum.

Angus’s passion for children with autism spectrum disorders has seen him pursue international experience working in the field, having spent two years working closely with children and their families in Canada. Although he now works full time in the private clinic for Spectrum Speech Pathology, Angus has also worked at The Western Autistic School. Angus prides himself on the high quality of his group sessions, especially his work with his adolescent clients.

Angus has developed a keen interest in developing the use of iPads and iPad apps for autistic children. As a result of this interest he has developed a number of technology resources for use with Spectrum Speech Pathology clients, and regularly updates the Team. Angus’s enthusiasm, dedication and skills are a wonderful addition to the Team.

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