Cathy Conte

Senior Speech Pathologist

Cathy Conte has been at Spectrum for over 10 years. After spending time working in mainstream schools, Cathy began working in special education and continues to develop her passion and skills in this area alongside her work at Spectrum Speech Pathology. Cathy has worked with children with autism, Down Syndrome and developmental disabilities aged between 5 – 18 years of age, many of whom have complex communication needs. Cathy’s experience in the schools has developed her skills in working within a multidisciplinary team, which she continues at Spectrum Speech Pathology.

Cathy’s passion for working with children with autism spectrum disorders has seen her undertake training in AAC, PECS, Intensive Interaction, Chat now, Floortime, PROMPT, Sensory Integration and Social thinking. Cathy provides therapy services to a range of clients as well as conduct diagnostic assessments at Spectrum Speech Pathology. Cathy’s passion, experience and energy adds to the skills of the Team at Spectrum Speech Pathology.

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