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Social Games – these games help children more complex game play, involving social skills, memory skills and higher level language and thinking skills. these games are excellent for promoting language skills such as sequencing, narrative, referential language skills and for vocabulary development.

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  • Glitter Fairies

    Glitter Fairies

    Discover and collect the hidden fairies and wave your magic wand to win the game. A fairy game that helps children learn to share, communicate and play together. Discover the hidden fairies and wave the sparkly magic wand to win the game. A wonderful matching, counting and memory game – and all with Fairies! Fun, educational and fairies!


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  • Too many Monkeys

    Too many Monkeys

    TOO MANY MONKEYS  a totally banana card game

    Primo the Monkey was fast asleep until his friends swung by for a surprise pyjama party. Help Primo chase away the primate pranksters by flipping and swapping cards in numerical order.
    Watch out for elephants and giraffes who want to crash in on the fun. And if you’re lucky, draw a wild monkey card to clear out the room in one clean sweep. The first player to stop the monkey mayhem and get Primo back to bed wins. This game can be adapted to play with kids across a range of ages.


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  • Wig Out

    Wig Out

    WIG OUT! Card Game – A wild and hairy game for 2-6 players

    Flip your wig for this fast and frenzied card game that will put your frizzy in a tizzy! Race against your opponents to get rid of cards by matching all kinds of colorful hairstyles. Put together a pair of Pigtails. Combine a couple of Cornrows. Match a Mullet or some Mohawks. The first player out of cards is a cut above the rest! The kids absolutely love this game and it is great for a wide range of ages.


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  • Zombie Run

    Zombie Run

    Zombies have taken over the town and they’re EVERYWHERE! Can you be the first to escape the town and get to safety? The player with the lowest number of zombies following them after five rounds wins and successfully escapes the town. Zombie Run! combines memory with luck and is the ultimate card game for kids with BRAAAAAAAAAAAINS!!! We LOVE this game!


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