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  • Monkey Bingo

    Monkey Bingo

    An exciting way to play to an old favourite bingo. A great new dispenser keeps children involved in all aspects of the game. Great for categorizing, turn taking, matching and simple game strategy all the time having fun!


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  • My Size, Shape & Colour

    My Size, Shape & Colour

    For early learners this delightful game targets colour, shape and size recognition. A multi-purpose game that can be used to develop listening skills, following directions, as well as giving instructions, fine motor skills, attention and concentration.


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  • Supermarket


    A delightful supermarket shopping game that provides lots of fun. Great for matching, memory, and categories. A game that children will love to play with friends and is great for developing social skills. flexible and washable game pieces. 4 shopping carts and 36 food cards.


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  • What’s next 2

    What’s next 2

    Contains 2 sets of 5 scene sequences 4 sets of 6 scene sequences designed to develop narrative language skills, sequencing skills and logical thinking skills. Great for the more advanced language learner.


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  • Where’s My Cupcake?

    Where’s My Cupcake?

    Collect and match your cupcakes in this fun, sharing game. See how many delicious cupcakes you can match and collect. A ‘delicious’ game that involves learning to share while collecting and matching your cupcakes. Children learn the skills of finding pairs, shapes, colours, sharing and counting. Encourages social skills and manners too!


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