Speech Pathology
Assessment & Intervention

Speech and Language Assessment

At Spectrum we undertake a comprehensive assessment of your child’s communication skills.

Assessments can involve formal standardised tests, dynamic assessments using play, conversation and other strategies. Observation of your child’s interactions and communication with others (eg. peers, family members) and questionnaires and profiles.

These assessments allow us to gain a deeper understanding of your child’s strengths and learning differences, and enable us to tailor programs that focus on the unique support your child needs. Our assessments cover:

  • Receptive language (what your child understands of spoken language)
  • Expressive language (your child’s use of sentences and grammar)
  • Pragmatic language (how your child uses language in a social context to interact with others)
  • Play skills
  • Literacy and phonological skills (the developmental of reading, writing and spelling skills)
  • Fluency of speech
  • Articulation (the clarity of your child’s speech)

We will also use information gathered from your child/adolescent, other professionals who know your child, including teachers, psychologists, and  doctors, as well as other members of your child’s team to formulate a complete picture. If you have concerns about your child’s communication, social, friendship or academic skills please call us today to book an appointment with one of our therapists.

At Spectrum Speech our speech pathologists are trained in:

Spectrum Speech Pathology employs highly educated, skilled practitioners who are dedicated to improving your child’s lifestyle.

  • Hanen
  • DIR Floortime
  • Social-emotional learning
  • Executive Function
  • Visual Strategies
  • AAC
  • Lidcombe Therapy
  • Telehealth/Online Therapy
  • Talkabout
  • Story Champs
  • Story Grammar Marker
  • ADOS 2
  • Sounds Write Literacy Program

Speech Pathology At Spectrum

Speech therapy intervention at Spectrum helps children with communication difficulties develop critical speech, language and interaction skills.

Following your child’s assessment, together we will plan a therapy program that is specific to your child’s needs. Spectrum speech pathologists recognise that no two children have the same communication support needs.

Our therapists are trained in leading evidence-based practices and use these therapies and techniques for developing:

  • Spoken language.
  • Articulation and clarity of speech.
  • Conversation skills and Pragmatic language skills.
  • How children understand language.
  • How they play with others.
  • Literacy, reading and written language.
  • Augmentative and Alternative communication (using iPads, dedicated speech generating devices, Picture communication Systems, signing).

Our therapy is dynamic, fun and engaging! We use a range of strategies and incorporate your child’s interests to help support learning. Our therapy helps to strengthen the language, communication, listening and play skills needed for academic and social success at preschool and school. We are committed to working collaboratively with parents and other professionals to assist your child to generalise their newly acquired skills.


Online Therapy At Spectrum

Online Therapy Information

Telehealth therapy is now an integral part of the services provided by Spectrum Speech Pathology.

These ongoing Covid 19 times have seen the Spectrum team innovating to provide a telehealth service of excellence, assured in the knowledge that research supports the clinical efficacy of telehealth.

All our therapists are experienced in providing highly motivating, creative, and effective therapy online. The Spectrum team works collaboratively to source, develop and create many of our own online resources.

Telehealth Sessions

We offer telehealth for families who:

  • Prefer to access therapy from the comfort of their own home
  • Are keen to reduce travel time
  • Want to access Spectrum’s excellent team but for whom distance would otherwise make that impossible
  • Are required to stay home for health /Covid reasons
  • Are travelling on extended holidays and want to continue with therapy


  • Just LOVE our online therapy!

Whatever your needs, we are here to provide a brilliant therapy service online!

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss your child’s online therapy options, contact our receptionist at our Moonee Ponds clinic on (03) 9370 1200.

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