Autism Assessment & Diagnosis

At Spectrum Speech Pathology we are involved in helping families through the process of diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.

All of our assessments are approached with sensitivity and care. We understand that this is often a difficult and challenging time for our families.

Our Senior Diagnostic Assessment Team comprises of highly skilled speech pathologists who have been conducting Autism Assessments in multi-disciplinary teams for many years.

To ensure that your child receives the highest standard of practice for diagnosis our team collaborates with the referring paediatricians and psychologists. Our assessments always involve parents/caregivers (or you) and your child. Our approach to assessment is thorough and inclusive of parent input, as we recognise that you know and understand your child better than anyone else.

We use a range of tools for assessment which includes formalised assessments, as well as informal assessment through play and conversation, and on occasion, may involve observation of your child in their home, childcare or educational setting.

For children under 13 years old only, a Medicare rebate for part of the assessment fees is available with the appropriate referral from a Paediatrician or Psychiatrist. For more information see the Fees & Medicare Rebates page.

Your child may be assessed using formalised standardised assessments, informally through play and conversation..

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