Social Communication Groups at Spectrum

Spectrum offers a number of social communication and learning groups tailored to meet your child’s specific needs.

Spectrum Speech Pathology offers social communication and learning group programs that incorporate a range of frameworks, methodologies and programs that are tailored to meet your child’s specific needs. These approaches include Social Thinking® and Zones of Regulation. Our aim is to teach the thinking and understanding necessary for social skills and social learning for all children with social communication and social emotional learning difficulties.

At Spectrum our social communication and learning programs help children to develop:

  • Social problem solving
  • Conversation skills
  • Perspective Taking
  • Understanding and use of non verbal communication
  • What to keep in and what to let out
  • Being part of a group
  • Expected versus unexpected behaviours
  • Flexible thinking
  • Understanding hidden social rules
  • Co-operation & Negotiation

We work with your child in the way that best suits their stage of learning, including:-

  • Individual therapy
  • Small groups in term time
  • Holiday programs

If you would like to book your child into one of our social learning programs please contact us today.

Term Time Programs


Our term time programs are designed to drill down and teach complex social knowledge and understanding in a concrete and meaningful way.

The group programs are designed to meet the individual needs of your child whilst providing the best possible group learning experience for your child.

  • The programs are offered on a fortnightly basis, during term time.
  • We offer small groups, ranging between 2 – 4 students to ensure active participation.
  • We carefully consider your child’s strengths and challenges, as well as their age and social level when determining group placements.
  • Parent feedback at the end of each session.

Holiday Programs


Our school holiday programs for preschool and school aged children are dynamic, exciting and innovative. The programs are designed to extend your child’s learning in groups of up to 8 students.

Our unique and novel programs offer:

  • An intensive 3 day experience
  • One and a half hour sessions, daily
  • Highly experienced staff and excellent staff to child ratios to ensure supported interactive learning
  • Daily parent feedback to keep parents informed of progress
  • A written report with recommendations

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